Lex Scripta is a law firm that gives a “legal life” to your business, from its incorporation to its winding-down, and everything in between, including its legal organization and transactions with shareholders, directors, officers, employees, clients, suppliers, lessors, partners, accountants, brokers, bankers, regulatory authorities, stock exchanges, etc.

Lex Scripta analyses legal issues using an innovative “business” approach
and offers value-added solutions.

  • Incorporate and restructure businesses
  • Negotiate and draft commercial agreements
  • Counsel Shareholders, Directors & Officers
  • Draft proxy circulars, annual information forms and annual reports
  • Organize Boards of Directors, Committees and Shareholders meetings
  • Set-up private and public financings
  • Protect and value-add Intellectual Property
  • Draft real estate agreements and leases
  • Ensure compliance of public disclosure
  • SEDAR and SEDI filings
  • Interact with Stock Exchanges and Securities Commissions
  • Avoid or efficiently manage litigation