Commercial / Transactional

Business acquisitions

We collaborate in the negotiation and drafting of Offering Letters and/or Letters of Intent (Memorandum of Understanding) in order to diligently confirm the material terms and conditions of your transaction. We then review and complete a legal due diligence of the corporate target in order to protect your rights and ascertain potential legal risks and obligations. We counsel during the negotiation process on the terms and conditions of the various agreements to be executed between the parties upon closing the transaction.


We give legal advice and/or negotiate financing terms and conditions to ensure that financial obligations are in line with your expectations. We render corporate legal opinions regarding the enforceability and/or binding nature of a transaction. We actively participate in the negotiation of the final agreements that lead to the private financing of corporate entities, such as subscription agreements, loan agreements, debentures, shareholders agreements and any contract required to complete the financing.

Various Commercial Agreements

We negotiate and draft Letters of Intent that lay the basis for the legal and commercial relationship between parties. We counsel our clients on negotiating and drafting of agreements that outline specific projects and recommend options to secure our client’s legal rights while building a trustworthy relationship between the parties.