We counsel on the setting-up of corporate structures and complete, need be, appropriate shareholders' agreements. We recommend optimal share capital structures with the main objective of protecting your rights while reducing shareholders' legal risks.

We maintain minute books and corporate registers on an ongoing basis and make required filings with regulatory authorities.

We assist and advise our clients to ensure that Board of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings are properly convened and run without legal impediments. You can call on us to assist in drafting all legal documents required for convening a special shareholders' meeting or to confirm the legal procedure required to add or remove a Director from the Board.

For a predetermined yearly fee, our clients' corporate entities can be domiciled at our offices. We then diligently follow-up on related corporate legal services, which include:

  • Reception of all mail and courier from governmental authorities and agencies;
  • Annual update of the corporate minute book and registers;
    • Director resolutions to recommend approval of annual financial statements;
    • Shareholder resolutions to approve annual financial statements, appointment of Directors for the upcoming year and appointment of Auditors, need be;
    • Director resolutions to appoint officers for the upcoming year;
  • Electronic filings with regulatory authorities of current and annual declarations required by law.