We assist our clients with their pre-IPO ramp-up by ensuring that their companies have implemented best practices and appropriate governance policies.

We complete due diligence and co-draft our clients' prospectuses leading up to an initial public offering (IPO) of their securities.

We complete the listing process with the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the TSX Venture Exchange.

We ensure that our client's public disclosure is compliant with applicable continuous disclosure obligations and regulations. We draft or co-draft press releases and distribute them on appropriate news wires.

For our clients that are reporting issuers in Canada, we complete all required SEDAR filings with regulatory authorities and securities commissions in each relevant Canadian province and territory.

We assist insiders and reporting issuers by completing their SEDI filings and ensure that their internal "insider" policies and procedures are compliant with applicable rules and regulations.

We assist our clients before, during and after Board of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings. We draft meeting notices, agendas and related documents and counsel our clients on legal issues that may arise during meetings. We act as corporate or meeting secretary and draft relevant and compliant meeting minutes with the objective of ensuring that all legal requirements are adequately documented.

We prepare annual and special Shareholders' meetings by collaborating with our clients, their transfer agents, Auditors and other third parties and ensure that all required documents, including compliant proxy circulars are sent, in a timely manner, to registered Shareholders.

We counsel on corporate governance issues, draft and implement best practices / good governance policies and procedures.